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Classification of laboratory centrifuge
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Classification of laboratory centrifuge

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Classification of laboratory centrifuge

Laboratory centrifuge has many kinds, can be widely used in clinical medicine, biochemistry, immunology, blood stations, and other fields, is a routine instrument used in the laboratory centrifugal sedimentation, according to the speed classification can be divided into the low-speed centrifuge, high-speed centrifuge, ultracentrifuge, etc.

Here is the content list:

 Low-speed centrifuge 

 High-speed centrifuge


Low-speed centrifuge

1. Introduction: Low-speed centrifuge structure is reasonably designed, effectively eliminating the hygienic dead space, the transition of structural parts is smooth, the surface is polished, the external structural parts, fasteners, and drums are made of rusty steel. The shell is a flip cover type, the centrifuge shell can be thoroughly cleaned without the drum sandwich space, can be widely used in clinical medicine, biochemistry, immunology, blood stations, and other fields, and is a routine instrument used for laboratory centrifugal precipitation.

2. Features:

(1) Configuration of the nitrogen protection system, to ensure that low-speed centrifuge cavity, not external air isolation

(2) Strong versatility, a wide range of applications. Can be used for both the solid phase for the separation of granular suspensions, and can also be used for the separation of fibrous materials.

(3) Shell flip cover, set feed tube, washing tube, observation mirror, lighting hole.

(4) Configuration of online cleaning system (spraying system), the inner wall of the centrifuge shell, the inner and outer surface of the drum, the surface of the liquid collection tank, and other visible parts of the inner part of the low-speed centrifuge for cleaning, to ensure the cleanliness requirements.

(5) Simple structure, easy to operate and maintain.

High-speed centrifuge

1. Introduction: the speed of the division line for 10000r / min, centrifuge speed ≥ 10000r / min is called a high-speed centrifuge, widely used in biology, chemistry, medicine, and other scientific research, education, and production departments.

2. Features:

(1) Laboratory centrifuge is controlled by a microcomputer, pre-selectable speed, time, centrifugal force, LCD, easy to operate.

(2) 10 kinds of lifting rates for selection, fast start, and stop.

(3) Stainless steel container chamber, electronic door lock, early warning alarm function, a variety of protection, safe and reliable, is the preferred centrifuge equipment for medical and health, food, environmental protection, scientific research, teaching.


1. Introduction: Laboratory centrifuge is a device that uses the centrifugal force generated by the rotating head to separate substances of different densities and particle sizes in suspension or emulsion, or to analyze them while they are separated. The method of applying powerful centrifugal force to separate, concentrate and purify substances according to their sedimentation coefficients, masses, densities, etc. is called centrifugation. Generally speaking, centrifuges with a speed of 30 000 r/min or more are called ultracentrifuges. And centrifugation technology, especially ultracentrifugation technology is an indispensable means in molecular biology, biochemistry research, and industrial production.

2. Features:

(1) Ultracentrifugation can be operated at low temperatures, which protects the activity of biological macromolecules.

(2) Laboratory centrifuge can not only measure the molecular weight of substances but also test the purity, conformation, and sedimentation coefficient of substances.

(3) The preparative centrifuge has a large loading capacity and can separate and purify several grams of samples at a time, which is much larger than the sample volume on chromatography and electrophoresis.

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