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Classification of the centrifugal machine
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Classification of the centrifugal machine

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Classification of the centrifugal machine

A centrifugal machine is a machine that uses centrifugal force to accelerate the separation of different materials that need to be separated. So what is the classification of the centrifugal machine?

Here is the content list:

Industrial centrifugal machine

Laboratory centrifugal machines

Industrial centrifugal machine

1. Introduction: The purpose of the industrial centrifugal machine is to separate the solids in the mixed fluid, whose specific gravity is greater than that of the liquid-phase fluid, from the liquid-phase fluid. When the mixed fluid has a feed port into the high speed rotating drum cavity, the specific gravity of the solids in the mixed fluid, under the action of centrifugal force, quickly settles to the inner wall of the drum and is discharged from the drum by the spiral pusher from the solid phase outlet; at the same time, the liquid phase with a smaller specific gravity forms an inner liquid ring under the action of centrifugal force and is discharged from the drum through the liquid phase overflow port, while the drum and the spiral pusher. At the same time, the drum and the spiral pusher operate at high speed, due to the existence of a certain speed difference between the two, so that the solids settled on the wall of the drum are uninterruptedly pushed by the spiral pusher to the discharge port, the whole separation process is continuous.

2. Features:

(1) Large aspect ratio and high rotational speed. With a variety of angles of the drum cone structure.

(2) The feed spiral adopts special anti-wear measures and can be sprayed and welded with a carbide protective layer or set with a carbide wear-resistant piece.

(3) Centrifugal machines each finishing parts inspection are in constant temperature conditions, to ensure that the actual processing quality meets the design accuracy requirements.

3. Application: The industrial centrifugal machine is mainly used in the urban sewage treatment plant to control sewage, separation of vegetable oil, aquatic products processing, magnetic materials separation, and other parts.

Laboratory centrifugal machine

1. Introduction: Laboratory centrifugal machine is a small centrifugal machine professionally used for laboratory analysis, it is the object rotating around a fixed axis of rotation by centrifugal force to simulate the role of the earth's gravitational field, so that the object does sedimentation movement, so that the different densities of the material, different molecules to separate the instrumentation and equipment, according to the speed classification can be divided into the low-speed centrifugal machine, high-speed centrifugal machine, super speed centrifugal machine and super high-speed centrifugal machine.

2. Features:

(1) Laboratory centrifuge has a multi-layer vibration damping structure, low vibration, low noise, and environmental protection.

(2) Over temperature, over speed, door cover, unbalance, and other protection functions to ensure safety.

(3) Microcomputer control, touch panel, intuitive digital display or LCD, operating parameters can be automatically remembered, convenient for the operator to operate Laboratory centrifugal machine.

(4) Proprietary airflow guide design, small temperature rise, effective protection of samples.

3. Application: Laboratory centrifugal machine involves a particularly wide range, including the separation of blood, virus research, DNA research, drug purification, and separation of particles of different densities in solution, etc. It is a necessary experimental instrument for radioimmunity, biochemistry, environmental protection, and other production and scientific research units.

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