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Information about blood centrifuge
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Information about blood centrifuge

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Information about blood centrifuge

A blood centrifuge is a centrifuge mainly for hospital use to separate blood, blood separation is often done in medical and bioengineering experiments, and there are many methods of blood separation, the equipment used and the operation process vary, the more common is blood bank blood separation by blood bank centrifuge.

Here is the content list:

 A brief description of the blood centrifuge

 Blood centrifuge operation procedures

 Precautions for the use of the blood centrifuge

A brief description of the blood centrifuge

A blood centrifuge is a kind of centrifuge, which is a necessary choice for blood banks and laboratory departments. It can display the set speed and relative centrifugal force under normal centrifugation and can store a variety of different centrifugation programs, which can be set according to different experiments, allowing the operator to control and use it easily. A blood centrifuge can be used for the separation of trace amounts of blood or trace solutions, and it can also be used to measure the specific volume of blood cells to measure the precipitation and separation of blood cells and trace solutions, and it can run at high speed and can obtain a small amount of separated in a short time.

Blood centrifuge operation procedures

1. When using a blood centrifuge, the centrifuge tubes and their contents must be precisely balanced on the balance beforehand, and the difference in weight when balancing must not exceed the range specified in the manual of each centrifuge, and each centrifuge has its allowable difference in different heads, and the head must never be loaded with a single number of tubes, and when the head is only partially loaded, the tubes must be placed symmetrically with each other in the head so that the load is evenly distributed around the head.

2. To centrifuge at a temperature lower than room temperature, the head should be placed in a refrigerator or placed in the head chamber of the centrifuge to pre-cool before use.

3. Centrifugation process shall not leave at will, should always observe blood centrifuge on the instrumentation is working properly, if there is an abnormal sound should immediately stop to check, timely troubleshooting.

4. Each head has its maximum allowable speed and the use of cumulative limit, the use of the head to consult the manual, do not over-speed use. Each head should have a usage file to record the accumulated usage time, if the maximum usage time of the head is exceeded, the head should be replaced.

Precautions for the use of the blood centrifuge

1. All kinds of liquid or other debris are strictly prohibited to enter the centrifuge work, otherwise, it will damage the main unit.

2. The instrument shell should be properly grounded to avoid accidents caused by moisture.

3. Do not open the top cover when the centrifuge head is running at high speed.

4. The voltage level and instability will directly affect the rotational speed of the blood centrifuge (but not the life of the motor).

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