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Information about plasma centrifuge machine
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Information about plasma centrifuge machine

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Information about plasma centrifuge machine

Blood products belong to the scope of biological products, mainly referring to the biological active preparations prepared by biological process or separation and purification technology using healthy human blood as raw material. The raw material of blood products is plasma, 92%~93% of human plasma is water, only 7%~8% is protein, blood products are made from this part of protein separation and purification, single plasma collection technology is an important technical method of separation and purification. Single plasma collection is the separation of human blood through a centrifuge. The plasma centrifuge machine uses intermittent flow centrifugation, and its workflow is that the blood is drawn by a blood pump under closed conditions, and the blood is mixed with anticoagulant from the anticoagulant pump in a certain ratio into whole blood for transfusion into the centrifuge cup, and the cup is driven by the centrifuge motor. The plasma is divided into 3 layers by the high-speed rotation of the centrifuge cup. (The speed of the centrifuge has a decisive influence on the quality of the collected plasma during this process.)

Here is the content list:

  • Features of the plasma centrifuge machine

  • Working principle of plasma centrifuge machine

Features of the plasma centrifuge machine

1. The choice of motor is very critical the speed of the motor is directly related to the quality of the final plasma product. The permanent magnet DC brushless motor has a good cost-performance ratio, high efficiency, small size at the same power, small heat generation because the armature winding is placed on the peripheral stator, and no excitation loss by the permanent magnet rotor.

2. Plasma centrifuge machine with DSP as the core of the digital control system, the hardware circuit of a high degree of standardization, low cost, and not affected by device temperature drift.

3. Can automatically detect unbalance, door cover is not tight and other faults, and display fault information in the display window, to ensure the smooth and safe operation of the machine in the process.

4. Microcomputer control, touch panel, digital display, easy to use, and simple operation for the operator.

5. Plasma centrifuge machine can directly set the speed, automatically calculate the RCF value, and also has a door cover safety protection function.

Working principle of plasma centrifuge machine

The plasma centrifuge machine adopts the intermittent flow centrifugal working mode, under the pump extraction and drive, the blood from the venous vessels through the puncture needle, blood after anticoagulation flow through the separation line, into the centrifugal cup, the centrifugal cup by the plasma centrifuge machine motor driven by high-speed rotation to start the separation process of centrifugation. Several collection lines are connected to the centrifuge cup and the collection bag to collect the different blood components. Under centrifugal force, the plasma components are separated first, and platelets and leukocytes are subsequently separated and collected. Once this process is complete, the pump reverses its rotation and returns the red blood cells to the patient or donor along with the other blood components. When the centrifuge cup is empty, the entire process is started again for the second round of separation and collection until the desired result is achieved.

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