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Information about the laboratory centrifuge
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Information about the laboratory centrifuge

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Information about the laboratory centrifuge

The laboratory centrifuge is an instrument that uses the centrifugal force generated by a rotating head to separate substances of different densities and particle sizes in suspensions or emulsions or to analyze them while they are separated. It is used in a wide range of applications, mainly for laboratories.

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  • A brief description of the laboratory centrifuge

  • Features of the laboratory centrifuge

  • The working principle of laboratory centrifuge

A brief description of the laboratory centrifuge

The laboratory centrifuge is a small centrifuge used for laboratory analysis. The centrifuge is an apparatus for separating different densities and molecules in a substance by simulating the effect of the earth's gravitational field by centrifugal force on an object rotating around a fixed axis of rotation. The technique of applying centrifugal sedimentation for the analysis and separation of substances is called centrifugal technology. At present, various centrifuges and centrifugal techniques have been widely used in scientific research and production sectors, and have become one of the important instruments and equipment for modern scientific research, and the laboratory centrifuge is necessary equipment used in the laboratory.

Features of the Laboratory centrifuge

1. Microcomputer control, touch panel, intuitive digital display or LCD, operating parameters can be automatically remembered, convenient for the operator to operate laboratory centrifuge.

2. Brushless motor drive, ultra-high-speed bearings, smooth operation, maintenance-free.

3. Laboratory centrifuge has a multi-layer vibration damping structure, low vibration, low noise, and environmental protection.

4. Steel body, stainless steel centrifuge chamber, easy to clean, durable.

5. Over temperature, over speed, door cover, unbalance, and other protection functions to ensure safety.

6. Proprietary airflow guide design, small temperature rise, effective protection of samples.

The working principle of laboratory centrifuge

During high-speed rotation of the laboratory centrifuge, the motion caused by centrifugal force causes the solids suspended in the liquid to form a precipitate, the mass or volume of the larger objects in suspension move in the direction of the largest radius of the rotor head, while the mass or volume of the smaller parts is deposited closer to the radius of the rotor head. During centrifugation, the emulsion or suspension sample is placed in a thick-walled centrifuge tube which is placed on the rotor of the centrifuge (the tubes are placed in pairs and not more than about half of their capacity, which prevents the formation of imbalances and sample spillage). The principle lies in the fact that by the centrifugal force generated by the rapid rotation of the centrifuge tube driven by the rotor, the denser components of the sample are accelerated to the bottom of the tube, and due to the different densities and settling coefficients of the sample components, the centrifuged sample precipitate forms a laminar structure and only needs to be decanted out by the supernatant to achieve the centrifugation process.

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