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Information about the mini centrifuge
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Information about the mini centrifuge

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Information about the mini centrifuge

The mini centrifuge is particularly suitable for microfiltration, rapid fling of reagents from test tube walls or caps, and slow centrifugation of test tubes or drains.

Here is the content list:

  • Features of the mini centrifuge

  • Operation of the mini centrifuge

  • Notes on the mini centrifuge

Features of the mini centrifuge

1. Temperature infusion design, the high-speed operation will not produce a high temperature to affect the sample.

2. Streamlined design, beautiful and elegant, occupying little space.

3. High-quality composite material and modern production process, the machine runs smoothly to ensure safety.

4. Flip cover switch design, when the cover is opened, the head immediately stops running, which avoids the possible injury due to rotation.

5. Using the world's broadband power supply technology, to ensure the quality of mini centrifuge operation.

6. The whole machine is equipped with several interchangeable rotor heads, a machine multi-purpose, and the use of flexible parameters.

7. Centrifuge with a rubber base to keep the machine in the process of operation does not move.

8. Mainly for laboratory experimental analysis, can also be used in a low-temperature environment.

Operation of mini centrifuge

  1. Plugin the power supply, first the mini centrifuge power switch is pressed to the "0" off position.

  2. Centrifuge tube equal amount of sample after symmetrical loading into the rotor hole, adding samples should not exceed 80% of the nominal capacity of the centrifuge tube, unbalanced sample addition will cause vibration and excessive noise, do not allow the mixing of different specifications of the centrifuge tube.

  3. When the centrifuge cover is pressed on, the door should be heard to prevent the centrifuge cover from bouncing.

  4. Press the power switch to the "1" position, the head up to speed (can be adjusted to low speed or high speed) centrifugation.

  5. To stop the centrifugation, press the power switch to the "0" position, after the rotating head stagnant rotation, press the open lid handle, mini centrifuge lid pops up and opens, you can remove the centrifuge tube.

Notes on mini centrifuge

1. The sample should be balanced when using the centrifuge tube and the sample should be balanced at the same time. The mini centrifuge tube is very small, so the instrument that can withstand the balance error is also very small, mini centrifuge must be balanced.

2. The voltage of the external power system should be matched. Mini centrifuge mostly works in an outdoor environment, so it needs to pay more attention to the voltage problem and requires a good grounding wire.

3. If abnormalities are found during the centrifugation process, the power should be turned off immediately.

4. Regularly overhaul all the performance of the machine, because the mini centrifuge mostly works outdoors and is prone to vibration during transportation, which affects the instrument.

5. The centrifuge should always be in a horizontal position because the machine is small and light in weight, and when it is not working in a horizontal position, it is easy to produce shaking, which may not work properly, or accidents may occur.

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