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Technological Breakthroughs
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Technological Breakthroughs

  • The COVID 19 rapid detection kit? is used for (oral) throat swabs, nasal (pharyngeal) swabs, sputum, bronchial lavage fluid, alveolar lavage fluid or other respiratory secretions and other samples In vitro diagnostic reagent for in vitro qualitative detection of new coronavirus nucleic acid.


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  • The effectiveness of China's epidemic prevention and control is obvious to all. We all agree that the test reagents play an important role. After the epidemic situation in China stabilized, China has exported a large number of effective test kits to the world, which contributes to the world’s epidemic prevention and control work. There are a number of companies that produce test reagents in China, all of which want to gain the trust of the global market by the good quality. Thus, it is hard to find the best test reagent brands in China. However, I still want to expand more about these brands.


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  • If you have been tested for the new coronavirus, you must know that there are mainly two different detection kits. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know it, I’d like to tell you exactly about the detection kits. Judging from the current development trend, the new coronary pneumonia will still be eradicated for some time. You may get detection kits one day. Thus, it is significant to figure out the commonly used detection kits. There are so many kinds of detection kits in the market, so choosing an effective and useful detection kit is not that simple. I will give you some tips in the article.


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  • Now that the epidemic in China is very well controlled, many countries in the world are still facing severe epidemic challenges. China has a very good reputation for testing reagents. In the case of insufficient reagent production capacity in other countries, China has exported a large amount of covid 19 testing kits to the world. Nevertheless, there are still many places where covid 19 testing kits cannot be ordered in China. What’s more the Chinese famous brands covid 19 testing kits are especially hard to buy. So how can foreigners get Chinese famous brands covid 19 testing kits? I will expand it in detail below.


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