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  • The mini centrifuge is particularly suitable for microfiltration, rapid fling of reagents from test tube walls or caps, and slow centrifugation of test tubes or drains.


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  • The laboratory centrifuge is an instrument that uses the centrifugal force generated by a rotating head to separate substances of different densities and particle sizes in suspensions or emulsions or to analyze them while they are separated. It is used in a wide range of applications, mainly for lab


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  • Blood products belong to the scope of biological products, mainly referring to the biological active preparations prepared by biological process or separation and purification technology using healthy human blood as raw material. The raw material of blood products is plasma, 92%~93% of human plasma is water, only 7%~8% is protein, blood products are made from this part of protein separation and purification, single plasma collection technology is an important technical method of separation and purification. Single plasma collection is the separation of human blood through a centrifuge. The plasma centrifuge machine uses intermittent flow centrifugation, and its workflow is that the blood is drawn by a blood pump under closed conditions, and the blood is mixed with anticoagulant from the anticoagulant pump in a certain ratio into whole blood for transfusion into the centrifuge cup, and the cup is driven by the centrifuge motor. The plasma is divided into 3 layers by the high-speed rotat


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  • The Eppendorf centrifuge is a device for the treatment of live cells with a fixed speed timer, especially for clinical medicine tests. Next, let's learn more about the Eppendorf centrifuge.


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  • The centrifuge oil filter machine uses the high-speed rotation of its centrifuge head to make the oil, water, and impurities in the lubricating oil with different degrees of pollution be separated rapidly by the action of different centrifugal forces. It is suitable for the purification treatment of power plants, ships, large machinery and equipment lubricating oil, heavy diesel oil and edible rapeseed oil, tea oil, peanut oil, etc. When a centrifuge oil filter machine is used for power plant turbine oil treatment, the bypass is connected to the main oil tank of the turbine for random operation, which can filter out water and impurities in the oil in time, which will play a positive role in improving the running oil quality, slowing down the aging speed of the oil and ensuring the safe operation of the turbine and the purity of edible oil.


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  • A hematocrit centrifuge is a digital hematocrit can hematocrit centrifuge, mainly for laboratory determination of blood cell volume fraction in blood. The device is ideal for hospital laboratories, clinical reference laboratories, hospital blood banks, and satellite processing centers. It provides a


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  • A centrifuge is a machine that uses centrifugal force to separate components in a mixture of liquid and solid particles or liquid and liquid, mainly for separating solid particles from the liquid in suspension, or separating two liquids with different densities and insoluble in an emulsion (e.g. sep


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  • The oil centrifuge separator is designed for the determination of water and sediment in crude oil by centrifugal separation and is ideal for water determination in the petroleum industry and research units. Here is the content list:l Features of oil centrifuge separatorl The working principle of the


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  • Centrifuges refrigerated are machines that use centrifugal force to accelerate the separation of different materials that need to be separated and are divided into low speed, high-speed centrifuges refrigerated, and ultra-high-speed analytical and preparative centrifuges refrigerated, there are various models.


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  • Laboratory centrifuge has many kinds, can be widely used in clinical medicine, biochemistry, immunology, blood stations, and other fields, is a routine instrument used in the laboratory centrifugal sedimentation, according to the speed classification can be divided into the low-speed centrifuge, high-speed centrifuge, ultracentrifuge, etc.


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